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Helping staff to develop their communication and conflict management confidence and competence is critical to maintaining a psychologically safe workplace for all. With the current emphasis on psychological safety in the workplace supporting staff to develop skills to manage their own psychological health and work in accordance with legal frameworks is a critical work skill.

We work collaboratively with organisations in the local government and for-purpose sector to identify current learning needs for staff, volunteers, board members, and other stakeholders.  Session content can be crafted from the following areas, and run as shorter online informational taster sessions or face to face half or full day training programs.

  • Managing complex conversations and resolving conflict between staff

  • Managing work relationships safely with staff who use conflictual communication often

  • Managing escalating behaviours with customers/clients and/or community members

  • Building rapport and trust with community members from diverse backgrounds

  • Building successful teams based on a culture of feedback

  • Building a staff led community of practice

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'Excellent facilitator, (Rachel) held a safe space and gave us enough information to know what we were getting into. Not too much theory, it was just enough -good balance between theory and practice. Rachel is highly skilled, I hope she can do more training with us.'

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