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Communication Coaching

We support emotionally intelligent ethical leaders to extend their capabilities when managing complex conversations around conflict.  We work with leaders who guide their organisations towards more inclusive, safe and respectful staff practices. 


Session content is bespoke, and may include an orientation to the key elements of using advanced communication skills to manage conflict in an organisational setting, different staff conflict styles, and where organisational and cultural change may intercept with escalating scenarios.  Key content essential to all sessions is strategic communication approaches that build connection and manage conflicts as they emerge.

Strategic Planning

We bring organisational strategic understanding alongside our facilitation skills to support teams to develop strategic plans.  We collaborate with each team before and after the facilitated strategic planning sesison/s to ensure the best outcomes for your organisation.


We offer a year long Pro-Bono Mentor Program to support early years community service practitioners to establish safe and ethical work practices based on clear boundaries and values aligned work opportunities.  All sessions are monthly, and online, and last for an hour. 


The program content is guided by the mentees priorities and needs and often includes how to identify suitable early career opportunities including networking pathways, writing job applications and preparing for interviews, plus setting clear work boundaries and strategies for getting the most out of supervision once in a role.  To apply to be part of the program click here:

Image by Joshua J. Cotten

Red Dearnley: CEO - Birth for Humankind

'Rachel facilitated Birth for Humankind's Board and staff team to come together and draft the Strategic Plan 2020-2023. Rachel's considered, intuitive and deep-listening approach enabled everyone to feel heard and valued. Rachel guided us through the mess and abundance of ideas, to a place where we had all the information and structure we needed to develop a clear, purpose-driven strategic plan, with tangible measurements.'

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