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When people are in conflict, being able to listen well is critical to a mutually successful and sustainable outcome.  We support people at work, in personal relationships, and in the community to manage conflict in a safe, respectful and trustworthy way that is premised on building each person’s active listening skills.  Mutually agreed outcomes at the end of mediation sessions are not always possible, but each time people in conflict take the leap of faith to courageously connect together, trust can build and new ways of relating together can evolve.

We offer opportunities to have pre-Mediation session check-ins for each person with Rachel to build trust in the process, followed by a co-designed collaborative approach where all people involved decide where and when the Mediation session/s will occur, and what each person needs to run the safest and most trustworthy process possible.

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Michelle Kovacevic: Program Manager - Firesticks Alliance Indigenous Corporation / Freelance Communication consultant  


'Rachel and I were colleagues for 3 years, which included job sharing state and national coordination roles at a not for profit organisation. During that time, Rachel led the design and development of a heart centred conflict mediation and feedback process, the likes of which I have not seen in my professional career. Watching her facilitate the process with strength and empathy was a powerful and transformative experience, both for myself as co-facilitator and for those participants. Rachel is comfortable in the face of discomfort, acutely aware of power dynamics and skilled in equalising them with subtlety and above all else has an unwavering belief in the possibility of human beings to continue to grow and learn. She is an exceptional leader and someone you will learn a lot from working with.'

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